Monday, March 1, 2010

Travels | Part 1

Hello world! I have little to no cell phone coverage and absolutely no internet access. I came down to Starbucks in town today to do alittle paper work for our adoption committee next week. Though I will admit that I am a technologically addicted young adult, I have deeply needed and enjoyed the time to unplug. I think I will even work hard on cutting back my dependency. I haven't missed anything important. Ok, I will admit when I call David to say goodnight, he checks my email for me and reports, but I still have unplugged for the most part!

I have so much to write home about (I'm at my grandmas)...

For now I'll just do a small recap of my time.

We have stayed up way too late every night talking. We both had a good cry last night and the dogs (I brought Jack) found us downstairs and came to cheer us up, which in turn made us laugh uncontrollably while the tears were still coming. (If you haven't tried laughing and crying at the same time, I highly encourage it. It can do wonders for the soul) We found an old cedar box full of black and white photographs. We carefully looked at each one as she told me the story of each and all the people who have been in and out her life. We have mended an antique quilt I found, though it isn't finished yet it is much better shape already. We are in the process of making a quilt top out of vintage quilt squares she found in Idaho. We are buying and reporposing used fabric and vintage china. We consider ourselves saviors to our landfills. We haven't missed a cup of coffee yet! We hosted dinner to a family of 13. Don't worry there will be more later on this wonderful event! We are starting to make some grocery bags out of recycled upolstery samples I found in Portland. We have had pie and monster cookies everynight. She has told me the stories of each of her collected cake stands and vintage dolies. We've seen the sunset everynight and have yet to make it out of bed to see it come back up. Before we said goodnight, she hugged me and said how much she has needed this visit, if she only knew how much she has done for me. How much this visit has restored many pieces of me and deeply encouraged me, brought Grandma and I together, added a few pounds of cookies to my midsection, and given me a chance to be refreshed. Not to mention what it has done for my love of junk collecting! Sorry David!

To be continued...

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  1. Big happy tears in my eyes right now. Very meaningful for both of you, I am sure :-)