Monday, March 29, 2010

No Need for Words


I can't tell you what this photo does to me. Such a beautiful moment for each of us.


  1. ok...maybe one word? AMAZING!

  2. Love you Alyssa! Again, we are so excited for you guys. He is beyond precious!!

  3. lys, i love this photo...joyfully throwing your new son up towards heaven...beautiful.

  4. he is so beautiful. i just looked at all your posts about this process and am so glad the three of you are home getting used to one another. thank you for sharing photos and your words with everyone....i don't know how to describe what they do for people. can't wait to meet him on the coast this summer!

  5. Liz- Love you too! Thank you for all your encouragement and excitement! Can't wait for you to meet him!

    Mel- Thanks for all the comments and notes! Miss you, but so glad you are 'here' to be apart of our lives.

    Tara - So this means no visit to Mexico in the near future, but we are looking forward to the coast! We just finalized our plans last night! Miss you!

  6. This is beautiful! I love it! SO excited for you guys!