Saturday, March 27, 2010

Home at Last

Yes, we are home again.

I could almost stop the post at that and call it a day, but not only do I want you to know the emotions and happenings of today, I also need to reflect and process today.

Starting last night I could not fall asleep. Try mixing a 6yr olds excitement for Christmas, with the anticipation of a bride the night before her wedding. Throw in a few drops of caffeine I had with dessert after dinner, and I was a mess!

Briefly for those of you who weren't aware of our transition schedule, it went like this;
Tuesday: Few hours at foster family's home.

Wednesday: Start at foster family's home then do a day out in the community. ( We played at the park, ate lunch out, took a nap in the car, went to the book store, did a little shopping, and headed back to the park.)

Thursday: We picked him up from the foster family's house and spent the whole day with him and had him with us over night as well. It all went really good and by this day he was really warming up to us.

Friday: We took him back for his last night at the foster family's home and their goodbye day.

Saturday: We went to the foster family's home around 9am and headed out for our house around 10.

I can't really explain to you why the emotions come and go like they do but I was feeling really excited, and really tired from the last two weeks. Once we were a few miles from the foster family's home, I started to be completely overwhelmed with emotions. I don't know if I really know everything that I was feeling, I just tried to feel it and be in the moment. I knew that these days in one's life are rare and I wanted to savor every feeling.

We said our goodbyes and there were some tears in almost everyone's eyes, even Zach felt the emotions and was fussing. How strange it is to take your little boy from the only home he knows. We knew they didn't want to adopt him, and yet we also know they love him deeply. Trying to hold both without analyzing everything, we knew we were the ones that were meant to bring the little boy home. STILL, I just can't explain how strange a feeling. Now with that I was (and still am!) feeling butterflies every time I think that he is our son. His sweet face, beautiful eyes and soft skin. I asked him for a kiss tonight and he gave me one right on my lips and the tears started pouring again. How truly blessed I am.

He is kissing us, smiling, dancing and babbling like we've known him forever. Now, I also know there is a honeymoon period, but for now we are so thankful for the happy little boy he is. We are enjoying the utter joy and deep happiness of our first day as a family.

This is what I'm looking at right now.

I will be posting more photos soon. I have SO many!
Also I've been thinking of doing a small series of adoption posts relating to the actually process on our end. I've had some other adoptive families come to my blog recently, and I know there wasn't much on the web about specific subjects when it comes to State Adoptions.

Also, I know some of you who live close will want to meet him and we can't wait to share him! We are going to wait a bit to get settled in and we will let you know when you can stop by. He came from a foster home with 11 people living there, so he does really well with people, we just don't want to share him. Just kidding, we just feel like we will know when it is time to introduce him to our friends. Thanks for understanding!

Lastly, Thank YOU! ALL so much for the love, encouragement, text messages, comments on the blog, letters, gifts, prayers and everything else. YOU have been a part of this and have made it a bearable and even an enjoyable process through each step. Thank you!


  1. Amazing! Well written! Thanks for sharing! Blake and Dana

  2. He is so adorable! Thank you for sharing your story with us. I can't wait for my turn! I know what you mean by all the emotions you go through - I am feeling a million different things at once and can only imagine how many more I will feel once I meet my little ones. Take care. :) April

  3. What an amazing experience!! You have a way with words... Have fun!! Skye and Jodi

  4. Alyssa, your description of butterflies and emotions took me right back to the day I brought Olivia home! Thank you for sharing your beautiful boy with us, and I can't wait to meet him! -Lisa

  5. Congrats! Thanks for sharing with us. I am so happy for you guys!
    Jen Long

  6. Ok, I've read this post over and over and over now, it just makes me so happy to read it. Thank you for sharing your sweet boy with us, the picture is adorable and we can't wait to see more. I'm looking forward to your posts about the adoption process. Love you.

  7. Thank you each of you for reading! I can't tell you how much it means to us to share this journey. It is also really nice to share it in one place where everyone has a chance to hear the details.