Sunday, March 28, 2010


We are all doing well!

To all you parents out there we do have one question...

Eventually do you not feel as tired as the beginning? You know, does your stamina pick up? Or have we entered into a commitment that entails eternal sleep deprivation?

Just kidding, kinda. Actually we are getting a lot of sleep, that's really not the problem, we just both feel really tired. He is really good too, I've done alot of child-care in my college/nanny years and not to mention having six younger siblings, he is an easy kid. Our energy levels just feel well below the normal level.

This is us about 20 minutes ago... it's crazy how much you can love a little boy you've only known two weeks.


  1. He is soooo happy! And he is very cute. :)

  2. Alyssa, great photo! From my limited experience, your stamina gets a little better, but more than that you have to find a rhythm with Zachary. That will just take a little time. You guys are now giving out a lot more of yourself than you are used to. It took me quite a while to get used to that part of it. I just know you and David are going to be great parents!


  3. David and Alyssa,

    Tracee, Ashley Delaine, and I (Matt) want to say that we love you guys! Zachary is so adorable and you guys look so happy. We could not be happier for the three of you and we cannot wait to meet him. You guys are going to be amazing parents. Try not to neglect the dogs and chickens, but they will be ok for awhile. :) Love you guys! Hello from Spokane!

  4. We are incredibly stoked for you guys... He's freaking adorable. We absolutely love the updates. And keep up the great job on the pictures...

    You'll eventually get your energy level back to normal... Jenelle and I were complete zombies for the first couple months. We've found having consistent "mommy daddy" time, going to the gym, etc. really helps fill the batteries.

    You guys are tough, and doing great. Keep it up!