Friday, April 2, 2010

Our First Week

Wow. Here it is, week one.

I think I have writers block. I keep writing things then deleting them. Writers block, or 'new-mommy-frazzled-brain-block'. Something like that. You know those days when you run to the post office only to find that you left your mail at home? Or you go to the same grocery store that you always go to, the one that doesn't take debit cards, and you don't have cash and your check book is empty? Even though you've already been home once to get the mail you forgot, you have to go back again, in the snow, walking, to get your check book so your family can eat dinner. It's the same day that you decide to make that trip to the neighboring town to get some laundry baskets, bottles and dish soap and a Spring blizzard hits and the freeway closes before you can get home. You know, the day when it's close to being bed time, and you just need to unwind, so you decide to make a lemon chiffon cake to relax and you realize that your cookbook is at your sisters, even though you just ran to the store to get a few ingredients. It's the same day that you can't believe you get to be the one that rocks your baby to sleep. You know, the day that every time you look into those deep blue eyes you smile, inside and out, because you know how lucky you are. A day when kissing soft cheeks and baby lips seems to set the whole world right. That day, when there is nothing left to do, or at least no energy to finish what is left to do, that you sit in front of your computer screen and look at countless photos of your precious family (while drinking tea and eating Cheddar Popchips) and feel deeply blessed.

I just had one of those days.

Here are a few photos of our first week together. Sometime soon, when I'm not so tired, I will actually write something. For now, goodnight.



  1. these adorable photos just brought tears to my eyes...... gorgeous family!

  2. Found you via my blog! I'm a Baker girl myself! Still come there all the time--maybe we'll meet up sometime! What a blessing to see your new son! Congrats!

  3. We love you guys and had so much fun hanging out with you! You guys are great parents already :)

  4. Thanks for sharing your photos. They are precious!

  5. love, love, love the pictures!!! I have happy tears for you.