Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Confessions of 17 Day Old Mom

First things first, I do not have the time to blog like I used to. Or at least recently I haven't. I currently find myself cleaning during my "free" time and if I'm not cleaning, I'm working hard to finish my photography clients. I just feel like everything is a mess these days. I don't mind really, I just wish I knew how to 'do it all' again. I really don't want to get down on myself for wearing yesterdays makeup and drinking cold lattes, there isn't any shame I suppose.

I will say we've had a rough start at being home and making a routine. We enjoyed a week at home, then during the beginning of week two David's mom got ill. She had a few mild strokes that landed her in the hospital in Boise for about a week. We spent a few days visiting with her to help pass the time. She is home now and working on her recovery. Thankfully she is expected to recover back to her healthy self in a small amount of time. The strokes that occurred weren't long enough to cause any permanent damage, and we are so thankful we will have her around to be a wonderful grandma. As I'm sure each of you have experienced, having healthy loved ones suddenly fall ill is a very unsettling feeling and emotion to carry around. It is equally strange to see our parents needing our help and support. I always think of our parents as so young (which really they are). I'm thankful we are so close to be near them through difficult times.

Little Zach did so good at the hospital, we made millions of laps around the hallways, took a few naps on Grandpa Loren's bed and brightened many faces in Sue's room. After we made it back home we unloaded the car just to turn around and load it back up for a trip to Madras. David and Barry had been signed up for a trail race since January, so we made the trip with Lianna and Lydia, David, Barry, myself and Zach. We had a fun time visiting David's aunt and walking around Sisters during the boys 20 mile race. After four days of being gone we headed home. A quick side note; traveling with a child is a whole new realm. It was enjoyable, exhausting, and embarrassing all at the same time. I even experienced what it feels like to have your kid barf all over the restaurant floor because he stuffed his mouth too full and choked on his water. People staring, a complete stranger jumping up and looking for a mop. Yep, I felt like I had turned into 'that table' , the one you hope doesn't sit by you. Just two short weeks ago, I could dine and be completely unnoticed by anyone else around. Now if it is the wrong time of the morning, just ordering a coffee can turn heads.

Well, we wearily returned home. The boys were exhausted and sore from their race and Lianna and I were worn out from traveling a several hour car ride with two mostly happy, slightly whinny babies. We returned to our own beds, only to be up all night with food poisoning. I started and poor little Zach ended it. It got so bad that at 2am I had to call my mother, yes a grown adult had to call her sleeping mommy to come help her. In all fairness to me, I was laying lifeless on the bathroom floor too weak to lift my own fingers, let alone my crying baby who was covered in sickness. Where was David? Shivering with the chills, white as a ghost in bed asking if he needed to call 911. Yes is was bad. And now, slightly humorous. Poor Lianna also had it. We laid on the couches all day, achy and tired. After David and Zach went to bed, I almost had to laugh, here I was mopping spilled Pedialyte and washing dirty sheets. Who knew that even being sick makes a mess?

Photos to come...soon I promise.


  1. What a great few weeks you are having! So sad, but then food poisoning part was pretty hilarious to read. Love you guys, and hope you are still enjoying parenthood.

  2. These are the best memories... Believe it or not!! I am so proud of you Alyssa!! You are such a great mom already!! The yesterday's makeup is my favorite... I find myself wearing the same thing!! It must be a new fad!! Love you Alyssa!! Love reading how you guys are!!

  3. wow, crazy week for sure, hope you're all feeling better! I can definitely relate to being "that table", our restaurant trips are few and far between these days, and instead of choosing restaurants by how good their food is, we choose by how quick they are ;) Lot's of love from us here in AZ!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement you guys! Kaitlin, I think you hit it right on, looking back it will be these days that I will cherish and miss. Thanks for the perspective! And thanks for the laugh Anna, eating out is a whole new game now!

  5. Well as crazy as this may sound...I Am sad to say that I am the table that everyone wants to sit by, quiet and no little kids, not even big kids , hee hee, not that Roger isn't good company, but Aimee is very busy , I hardly ever see my boys... (yiks.. I sound like an old lady).. I miss all the food on the floor around the highchair when I leave the restaurant, and like Roger always said, "They really do get paid to clean it up, water spilling, complaining picky eaters,(I didn't want mustard, I don't like pickles) okay, Well when I say it out loud maybe I don't actually miss it. But all I'm trying to say is it goes by all too fast. Enjoy it, I know you are and its fun to read, thanks for sharing... Love you PS. could you imagine having 7 little ones. hee hee