Friday, April 3, 2009


Hello, I haven't posted for a few days since I have a house full of very loved ladies! My Aunt, cousin and sister are all visiting during their spring break. We've been having a great time watching home videos, drinking too much coffee, eating good foods and laughing our heads off. Poor David.

We have added to our family, over night, by six nonetheless! We are now two humans, four dogs and 6 chicks! In about 4 months we will have fresh eggs and a whole lot of chicken manure for our garden! (I just realized I used an exclamation mark for the last three sentences, can you tell I'm excited?)

Here are some photos of the new fam as well as our developing garden boxes. It isn't quite warm enough to start planting, but I have the seedlings in the garage staying toasty until Spring hits the valley.

This is what our little ladies came home in

We have 2 Rhode Island Reds

2 cute Barred Rocks

This little gal is a Black Australorp

The backyard in progress

The novice at work


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