Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Share The Road...

Last night David and I were driving on I-84 and a semi truck was passing us at a rather fast speed. Though not often, the highway was slightly crowded and David quietly under his breath, said "Share the road buddy." Him saying that reminded me of what our license plates look like. This specific use of the saying is a reminder to share the same road we drive our cars on with bicyclist and pedestrians. Often times we become too comfortable in our mode of transportation, usually driving, that we forget to be courteous to others using the same road. I've caught myself before, driving in a near "auto pilot" mode that when something unexpected comes my way, it can be a hindrance in my journey in no time at all.

Do you catch where I'm going with this idea?

Often we travel through life outside of our cars with the same mentality. We become so comfortable with our own ways of life that we don't recognize all those around us traveling the same journey just in different modes. This can cause segregation and division if we aren't careful to share the road. It may seem like a silly analogy, but I've found when we aren't considerate of those we journey this life with, we can miss huge opportunities for growth and friendship. Even if their style of travel looks different than mine.

I haven't written in a while and I am happy to say that I've been busy. I still want to take the time to sit and reflect on life and this journey of healing, but it has been nice to have a schedule again nonetheless.

In the past few weeks I've had coffee and conversation, or just conversation with those who live too far away for coffee, with a few people who have also walked this path of losing a baby (or babies). To you, thank you for sharing your stories and sharing tears. Though our stories don't look the same on every form their are so many similarities. Thank you for telling your story and listening to mine.

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