Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lessons taugh by example


This weekend three friends from Portland took the time and energy to come to Baker and visit David and I. I meant alot that they would drive 5 hours to stay one day with us. Many times out of good intention we tell people that we are going to visit them, or that we wish we could spend time together. Well these girls showed me the importance of giving, and being on the recipient side, it was so wonderful. I don't ever want to forget how much it meant to have them here to share, laugh and cry. I feel like I was taught something important as well, I want to be there for others when they need a friend. I think about times friends have been through rough patches and I always count on someone else, someone closer, to take care of them. Thanks Jenn, Liz and Kaitlin for being such wonderful friends, and showing me how to care for others. Kaitlin, Greyson is perfect!

Jenn's kids sent a little care package with their mom for me. Her two kids wanted to send me a gift. Along with the gifts of lip gloss, a candle and a beautiful necklace, they had made cards. Her son wrote the card here. The honesty and sincerity of a child are beautiful. I was so touched by his card and his sense of loss. I think of all the people that I am sure wanted to meet my boys, and yet only a child has told me. As adults we lose the sense of freedom to speak honestly, we carefully calculate how we speak and how it will be received (which is usually good). In a strange way, knowing that he felt loss as well as I did was powerful and healing in itself. Though I don't want to be a child again, I do feel that there are some lessons they are much better at teaching.

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