Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thankful Thursday

In every form of the word "thankful", David and I are.

Long story. I'll try to make it shorter.

I requested to have my ultrasound done at a bigger hospital for this pregnancy. I wanted the "pros" to do it.  St. Luke's to be specific. My doctor didn't mind at all and set it all up for us. When I requested that we had it done in Boise, I just meant at the hospital where the "normal" people get theirs done. My doctor scheduled me at the Maternal Fetal Medicine office. I didn't mind, but they are specialist, they are there for the times that things don't look so good.

Once we got into the office for my appointment, I was completely overwhelmed with emotion. This was where we found out about TTTS with our twin boys. We were early, so we waited. I couldn't believe I had come back here. "What a huge mistake" I kept thinking. The ultrasound tech called us back. She was the same one who told us about the complications. I recognized her face right away. Then she took us to the SAME room. I wanted to run.

She asked me how I was feeling. Then she told us she recognized us from two years ago. We recognized her, but I didn't think anyone there would remember us. She went on to tell us she had heard through our cousin, who had gone to the same clinic for her babies, that we were thinking of adopting. I started to feel a little more comfortable.

The ultrasound went well. Our doctor who so compassionately walked us through the whole diagnosis, surgery, delivery and loss of our boys came into the room after the tech was done. He took a look at the baby. Shook my hand and gave me an A+ for making a healthy baby. We breathed.

Leaving the office with that news gave us a redemptive feeling for the place, time of year and the attempt to grow our family. This time instead of tears and shock, we drove home with content smiles.


I thought I'd share another story that happened today in the ultrasound room.

When we saw the baby's profile, I instantly though "Oh my gosh it looks like Zachary." When the technician left the room, I told David what I thought. We instantly laughed, preggo brain forgot that Zach didn't come from the same little nest that this baby is growing in. I guess it just goes to show how much you can love a little guy, whether he was born to me, a woman in Portland, Jamaica, Antarctica or on the moon!

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  1. Beautiful, Alyssa! I am so excited for you guys, and I'm NOT kidding, Zach really does look so much like you to me haha :)
    Hopefully we can get together soon! :) Let me know if there's anything I can help with or if you ever need to get out of the house and Zach wants to play with Stella and practice big-brother with Olive, you are welcome anytime! :)