Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Monday Nights

Lately our Monday nights have consisted of 9 5th and 6th grade boys running around desperately trying to win a basket ball game. David and I are coaching. Well, David is coaching, I'm there for moral support. I have to admit, come 4:30pm I'm not really ready to leave whatever is cooking on the stove, if anything has it made it to that point, and walk over to the YMCA gym to watch sweaty kids act like they are Harlem Globetrotters. Seriously, kids these days think very highly of themselves. I guess everyone wants to be a superstar. Anyway, that is way beyond the point here, sorry I got away from myself!

Every time I walk into the old gym, I'm so glad I did. I really do love kids, sloppy three pointers and all. Something really hit me last night during their game. I really love my husband. He is such a good guy to be out there during the week with these kids. He doesn't complain about practices and he doesn't get upset when they lose their games (all three so far). He doesn't yell from the side line. He listens, and tries to cater to most of their wants. We have quite the variety on our team... I mean it is 5th and 6th grade, remember?

Really this post is to David. Monday nights are a wonderful way to see you interact with the boys, the other teams and their parents. I love how you are confident enough to lead, and humble enough to show the boys how winning isn't the important piece. Thanks for not yelling, not that you ever do, but just thanks that you don't. I'm so happy we have each other, I am one lucky gal. Forever and always!

Just in case you were wondering what it is that I do...besides moral support?

Some how I am supposed to make sure the kids know the offensive plays... the key to winning a game may be that I should learn how these things work :)

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