Monday, March 16, 2009

Just Some Thoughts

I haven't been very good about writing these last few days. My mind has been much more still recently, which has provided some restful sleep.

David and I are leaving for our road trip this Wednesday and are really looking forward to the time away together. While we are gone, our 3 month mark along with my "scheduled" due date will come and pass. After these dates, I will only have one last due date in April to come. (With many twins, and in my case, I had a scheduled c-section at 37 weeks, therefore creating two due dates.) Though I've never been someone to wish time to hurry and pass, it will be nice once there are no more dates to come.

While we are gone we will be visiting Arches National Park and Sedona. We are also planning on attending a conference with a few of our favorite authors and visiting a much loved aunt, uncle and little cousin in Phoenix. We plan on visiting a monastery while doing a short pilgrimage. New scenery and landscape, along with the spiritual experiences and enrichment are much awaited.

On another note, I want to express how wonderful St. Luke's and all their medical professionals have been during and after our loss. I have never received such compassionate and tender care from any other nurses. I received a card in the mail with notes from four of my nurses just this weekend. They remembered our boy's names and sent their thoughts our way. It brought tears and comfort to me as I read their words. I could never fully be able to express our gratitude for the care and compassion we received from that hospital.

On yet another note, is anyone else ready for Spring?!


  1. We had the same experience with our nurses at St. Luke's and still hold them very dear to our hearts. We feel so blessed to have had everyone at that hospital in our lives, and we hope that someday Nathan will be able to be a part of that amazing team.

  2. They have a true gift. One of my nurses, Deanna, would like to visit Baker soon. She's amazing!