Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Flowers and Friends

Today has presented its challenges and gifts. I was cleaning my house and found the journal I had kept during my pregnancy. Filled with such hope and anticipation, I wrote everyday during my pregnancy. I was so happy and naive to our reality. It made me upset to see how happy I was. It hurt to be reminded of how I miss them and the excitement that was once mine. Nevertheless it will still be a reminder to the happy moments that they gave to me. I wouldn't have wanted my experience with them to have been spent any other way than happy and excited.


I had held on to now dead and dried flowers for long enough and it was time to throw them out. This brought more tears. A few hours later, my friend came over to get me for a walk and lunch. She is such a gift. As we were getting ready to leave I got a delivery of fresh beautiful flowers from my Aunt and her family. During a day that felt so sad I was still reminded how blessed I am with those around me.

Flowers and friends of the human and fuzzy form...what else could you want when you're sad?


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