Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Small Percentages

As you all know, I am married to a very wise man. Someone who compliments my weak points with strength and wisdom.

Pregnancy can do quite a ditty on a woman's emotions and mental stability. I like to think that I am pretty stable and sound individual, but let me tell you, I have had my fair share of rough days these last few months.

I've tried not to post every little concern, thought and aspect of my pregnancy on this blog. Some of it is just to much information, and some of it is good for me to write in my personal journal and keep it out of the massive overload of personal information out in the blog spheres.

Everything has been going really great this pregnancy. I've made it to all the crucial developmental weeks. I have had some great friends to travel through the process with. A Dr. who has understood fears and concerns about 'last time' but has reassured that we CAN have a healthy experience 'this time'. Family that has helped out in many, many areas.

A few weeks ago we feel into a small percentage of pregnancies where the baby isn't head down. After a few weeks of trying numerous things to 'flip' the baby, we spent alot of time talking and ultimately deciding to do a procedure to flip the baby at the hospital. (Called an ECV.) There are some minor risks involved, and it was hard not to feel like we would inevitably fall into that percentage. I started to feel sorry for myself. Thinking about the twins. How everything went wrong. We feel into every small/worst possibility. Then this time to find out the baby was breech, which only happens in about 7% of pregnancies this far along. Was it worth the risk? Even though the benefit was much higher.

Cue husband. During one of my "poor me" days, whether I was crying or not, I don't remember, David was listening to me vent and be super negative about the situation. (To my credit, I had tried almost everything to flip this baby! From handstands in the pool to wearing headphones in my pants for the easy listening enjoyment of the baby! HA!)During this chat we had, David said "It can be easy to feel sorry for yourself about all the valid times we have fallen into less than desirable percentages. But we have to think about the times those same small percentages have paid to be some of our most positive experiences. Not very many people adopt, and even fewer end up with a kid like Zachary."

A lot more could be said here, but there is no need.

I wasn't going to share about the situation with the baby, I knew it would work out someway or another, plus the more people that know, the more drama, and the more updating you feel you have to do. Living in a small town with a large family on both sides doesn't always aid in keeping secrets. People at the gift shop, dentist office, parenting class and so on were all happy to know that the baby was moved into the right position yesterday by a great team of doctors. Everything went smoothly. Even this afternoon a friend who had heard came by and dropped off a gift certificate for a meal out so I don't have to cook one night.

So with half of our town knowing, I thought I would share here as well.

To self pity days, too much snow in February, even my fat pants don't fit days, and when we fall into percentages that don't feel fair, we each, really have so much to be thankful for.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Zachary was a miracle to you as you were a miracle to him. It truly is amazing the way that God restores us in ways that we do not always understand. Thanks for the great reminder.

  2. So good to talk to you today Lys.. miss you guys!! Give Zachary kisses for me!

  3. Good luck, Alyssa. Ellie was frank breech at 37 weeks, and she turned. :)

  4. Hah, I as I re-read that baby has turned.... Congrats! I was too chicken to try ECV. You're such a trooper.

  5. Love you Alyssa. Hang in there a couple more weeks! Thanks for the compliments, but for all my "wise" moments, there are 5 immature ones, I'm sure ;).