Sunday, May 16, 2010

Super Lame Am I

Here I sit, in my running clothes. I ran about 2 hours ago. Eating last nights popcorn. I love day old popcorn. Something about stale puffs that taste like butter. I haven't blogged in who knows how long. My messy house taunts me like the neighbor kid on the roof. Long story, annoying teenager, yells profanities while I take my child out of the car-seat. Rabbit trail. I haven't made my bed for about 6 days. Laundry is piling up. (This is the super lame part.) What else?

My baby and I ate breakfast on the back patio while listening to Adele. My BIG baby (as in tall, and not like extra fussy) worked to make the yard very beautiful. Fewer weeds and new flowers! Finished the night sharing a bowl of vanilla ice-cream and chocolate with little Zach. Played the tickle monster game. Cuddled the rest of the night away.

Sink full of dishes. Wet laundry in the washer.

I guess what I am saying, is I'm learning how to have both. The messy with the wonderful. The chaos with the fun moments. Disorganization with peace that this is my blessed life.



  1. Darling, I love you. What an amazing philosophizing mother you are! And your baby is adorable and his hat is scrumptious-- as are his cheeks. What a smile!

  2. What a priceless smile! Isn't it funny how priorities change? Time spent with your baby is so much more important that an orderly house! Plus, playing is much more fun than cleaning! ~Lisa