Thursday, September 24, 2009

Up before the chickens

I'm having a very proud moment...I am actually awake before our chickens! Sorry, it is silly I know, but in 6 months they are always up before me, I just wonder how the little ladies do it! (I do have an advantage now that it is still black outside at 6am and not 4am.)

I think it is good for the soul to get up extra early some days, good for the body to sleep in other days! I have lots of work to do, so I got up drove through Coffee Corral, said hi to Kris, very sweet lady, got my coffee, and now time to work!

Here are a few pics for the day....

Currently drinking; Hot Americano, little Irish Cream, and a splash of Half and Half...mmmmmmm.

A few days ago my sister Lianna and her beautiful baby girl, Lydia came to say hello!

After a very long day at the computer, I got a little silly and thought I should document how I was feeling about being up so late, and still editing pictures! Some days I get cranky when I sit, staring at the computer monitor sorting and editing pictures, then other days I just get plain silly!

Have a great day! Thanks for reading!


  1. Alyssa,

    I wanted to thank you for your writing and openness with your life. Autumn mentioned that she couldn't have endured Trinity's ordeal without watching you and David go through the death of your sons. I agree. It was so amazing to see your lack of self-consciousness. You were always candid and honest. I think that helped us in the middle of our crisis because we knew that it could be done, even if not on our own strength. Thank you. YOU are part of God's love in our life.

    Also, I enjoy the contrast of your last two posts. Fun, just like your writing.


  2. Aaron,
    I don't really know what to say, I don't feel like I've really done anything at all, but thank you. I am very moved. I read your blog daily and I am amazed at how the two of you are able to be so graceful during your journey. Thank you for being our dear friends.

    Peace be with you.