Thursday, July 26, 2012

Running away, and returning home...

Today was hard. The end. 

Okay, even though I wanted that to be the end, I couldn't. I don't think there's much worse than going to bed with that kind of mind-set. Sure, there are days that we don't want to revisit in life, but today was just a mediocre, dull, long sort of day. And I hate it when those kind of days win. They win when they end that way. 

Long story short, I think today (and yesterday for that matter) were hard to keep anyones attention. I was feeling less than creative and short on sleep, and patience. The kids were like herding kittens, or more like fussy, mean, feral kittens that throw all the nice meals you make them on the floor. I wanted to pack a little nap sack and run away, then come back at dinner or whenever I missed home. But instead I stuck it out with a grumpy, sleepy mood.

 I was about to shuffle, defeated, to bed. I went to do one more round down the hall to check on my now peaceful kittens when I saw my camera out. I remembered I had sat on the grass tonight and snapped photos of the kids. So I loaded the pictures on the computer and somehow the camera only remembered the sweet moments of tonight. 

Sweet life. A good life. No matter how hard today was, this is what I will think about when I drift into  precious sleep... and I will have won.


  1. What sweet pictures, Alyssa! I'm all too familiar with those kind of days. I'm glad you reclaimed a little bit of it tonight. ;)

  2. Thanks for the smiles Alyssa. These pictures are priceless. Love each of those feral kittens so so much! Love you -lianna

  3. Beautiful pictures Lys! Keep finding the sweet moments in the hard days. I love all your feral kitty's too! xoxo