Thursday, April 19, 2012

stores and children

It happened. It finally happened. My wildest dream came true. Do you sense some sarcasm?

Before children, I had seen some things that made me say "I would never do X" or "Let my children do X" or "Act like X". You get the picture.

After a few years of having a few children, I have since made some concessions and allowed a little grace to parents that live a little... freer than myself.

Still there are things that I think NEVER! Just to give an example; I keep my iPhone handy at Safeway to capture things that make me laugh or shake my head.

A recent favorite was this experience; We use these carts...ALOT! There are four seat-belts. Need
I  say more? It clearly states not to sit children on top of the car. I thought it made sense and seemed silly even to mention it... I was clearly proved wrong...

This dates back to the early New Year, but still a favorite;
This was actually after I witnessed him standing ON a cake and nearly crushing it to pieces before his mother suggested just standing on the cooler. 

Today we were in Rite-Aid and I was shopping for a few cards for some up coming birthdays and celebrations. While waiting for me to pick out the cards with the perfect words, one of my children spotted a  grand selection of plastic dump trucks. After I finally just grabbed 7 cards for 2 occasions (figuring I could read them better at nap time in my own home) I told the begging child he could pick a pack of stickers or a coloring book. Feeling nice for even suggesting he could make a purchase the begging continued for the plastic toy retailing about $14.00 over its actual value. I said "No." and started to walk away. Then it happened. Blair Witch Project kind of screaming in isle 4, followed by a metal crash and a body hitting the white floor. In sheer horror I turned around to find something like this...

Rolled in the fetal position screaming sounds I would imagine coming from hell itself, I saw my child. The red bike that had previously been occupied by a small body had been abandoned, wheels still slowly moving as it crashed on the floor.  "This isn't happening, this isn't happening" my heart was saying but by the looks of everyone around us, it WAS happening.

I'm happy to report that I stayed calm. Real calm. I tried to hide the embarrassed smirk  on my face, but I couldn't stop laughing, I figured it was better than crying. I paid for the seven cards and walked outside where the screaming continued.

My biggest regret? I wasn't quick enough to get my iPhone out and snap a picture of what was actually  happening to ME. I'm just hoping I don't get a second chance.

***The same child featured in todays story happened to walk by the computer while I was writing and saw the figure sketch of the scene in isle 4. He said "That picture is icky mommy." Yes son, yes it is!***

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