Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mothers Day and Other Things

Once again I've slacked off with my blogging...When the weather is nice you have to take advantage of it and be outside! I haven't gone far, just to my yard, but I've been spending hours outside working and I'm loving it! Here a few things we've been up to...

A chicken coop for our lovely ladies...

Some gardening and flower beds...

Of course some playing... in the yard

...and at my brothers baseball game.

Have I ever said how much I love dogs?

-Mothers Day-
Sunday we spent the whole day working outside. It was really a therapeutic way to end a hectic week. I think digging in the dirt was also the perfect way to spend my first Mothers Day without our boys. I had lots of time to think to myself and to use up some energy. I will admit that throughout the day some tears did fill my eyes. I'm sure there will always be days throughout the rest of my years that a few tears will find their way to my cheeks. At first I was thinking about how I am a mother without children to nurture; but then I started to think of all the children, local and abroad that have no mother to nurture them. Then a few more tears slipped out. It is overwhelming to think of the orphan in his lonely state. For I know what it is like to be a mother without a child, but never have I been a child without a mother.

One night last week we needed to get out of the neighborhood for some fresh scenery. So we took a drive out to Philips lake and watch the light leave the sky. It was a perect end to the day.

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  1. Alyssa,

    David said he finished the Coop... Can you put up some pictures of the coop and the garden?


    Cousin in law Mateo